ES Institutional Relations & Communications

ES is a communication agency that offers an excellent service in the sector of institutional relations, legislative monitoring, media and event management.
Its goal is to provide a targeted information service, in-depth analysis, creation and management of institutional relations in order to help achieve our clients' business objectives.

ES offers its clients a network of professional collaborators in different areas. This creates a flexible structure, able to make a significant contribution to every communication requirement.

ES OFFERS: A real-time targeted information service, in-depth research and analysis of sectors of interest, in their early stages and later, while under discussion within the main decision-making bodies, i.e. parliament, government, ministries and sector authorities. This system allows to identify and track all the developments in decision-making processes and to control legislative changes which could affect businesses. It also means the impact of any norms under discussion in order to prevent and/or manage potential crisis situations.

The promotion, development and management of profitable institutional relations considered strategic for the creation and maintenance of a positive company image aimed at improving the quality and quantity of direct interaction with key players.ES is active in media monitoring and media relations services and as press office, key tools for influencing the press and opinion-makers on topics of interest.

ES organises and manages any event, such as conferences, exhibits, meetings and communication campaigns.
ES Comunicazione